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by Garry Blakeley

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When you get ready for the play Look to the side for the angle of the day The rain's gonna fall may never slide away So you bury those bones in the deep dark clay If you are looking for the one The one who will bring the bullet and the gun Now's not the time to let the river run So you wait for the day when you can see the sun Bury those ones in the deep dark clay What does the soldier have to bring The gold in the sky at the centre of the ring So bold at the heart to rage through thick and thin When will you know the trouble that you're in Can you believe in saving grace Send an angel to me to take me from this place Give a message a sign a number on the face Burn the fire on the stone and lead on with the chase Bury those ones in the deep dark clay
This tune was composed by Spencer the Rover As valiant a man as ever left home He had been much reduced Which caused great confusion And that was the reason he started to roam. In Yorkshire near Rotherham, he had been on the ramble Weary of travelling, he sat down to rest By the foot of yon’ mountain Lays a clear flowing fountain With bread and cold water he himself did refresh. With the night fast approaching, to the woods he resorted With wood, vine and ivy his bed for to make But he dreamt about sighing Lamenting and crying Go home to your family and rambling forsake. Was the fifth day of November, I’ve reason to remember When first he arrived home to his family and friends And they did stand so astounded Surprised and dumbfounded To see such a stranger once more in their sight. And his children come around him with their prittle prattling stories With their prittle prattling stories to drive care away And he’s as happy as those As have thousands of riches Contented he’ll remain and not ramble away.
Midsummer eve it fell on a Saturday Sue and William went to be wed They had music played by a fiddler' "Let's go dancing,! William said. (Chorus) They danced and danced and danced around Danced, danced to the fiddler's sound Midnight struck and then said the fiddler "Dancing on a Sunday wouldn't be right," Sue gave a laugh, "Don't care if to Hell I go I'll find another fiddler tonight." (Chorus) Off went the fiddler, left them all grumbling, Then another fiddler came along the way. "You'd like to dance and I'd like to play for you" Tunes he played both merry and gay. (Chorus) Stop cried the dancers, "NO" cried the fiddler, He kept on in spite of their moans. They couldn't stop their jerking and a stumbling, Then in a flash, He turned them into stones. (Chorus) Stanton Drew in the County of Somerset That's where the Devil played at Sue's request, They paid the price for dancing on a Sunday. Now they are standing evermore at rest.
Daddy Fox 03:33
Daddy Fox went out on a winters night Prayed for the moon to give him light For he'd many many miles to go that night Before he reached the town-o, Town-o town-o, He'd many many miles to go that night Before he reached the town-o He grabbed the grey goose by the neck And flung a duck across his back And he heeded not their quivvy-quivvy-quack Nor the legs all a-dangling down-o Down-o, etc. Then old mother Twiddle-Twaddle jumped out of bed And out of the window she stuck her little head Crying John, John the grey goose is dead And the fox he's away to his den-o!" Den-o, etc. Well John he rode to the top of the hill And blew his horn both loud and shrill. Play on said Reynard with your music still While I get away to my den-o Den-o, etc. Then old Daddy Fox and his cubs and his wife They cut up the goose without any knife Saying I never had such a supper in my life And the little ones can chew on the bones-o Bones-o, etc.
You can be you and I can be me But the nut never falls very far from the tree The ravage of time might take us away But the bloodline persists at the end of the day Where were you when I needed you The fruits turned so bad through and through Nothing to hold to nothing to say Like a hole in the ground and I’m falling away I never asked to be here in this place I look in the mirror and stare at this face Come angel of god and save a small tiny piece Let the heavens above give me hope of release You can be you and I can be me But the nut never falls very far from the tree The ravage of time might take us away But the bloodline persists at the end of the day To build on the rock when the sun shines through To move on to pastures so sure and true So happy to be here no game is too far To follow the wind and connect with the star Keep love at the heart keep heart at the core No one could do better no one could do more Stay strong in the middle and brave at the end Keep marching on forward the message to send
I like to rise when the sun she rises Early in the morning And I like to hear them small birds singing Merrily upon the leyland And hurrah for the life of a country boy And to ramble in the new mown hay In spring we sow at the harvest mow And that is how the seasons round they go But of all the times if choose I may We’d be rambling through the new mown hay In winter when the sky is grey We hedge and ditch our times away But in summer when the sun shines gay We’d go rambling through the new mown hay
Ain't life funny the way it goes Eating and drinking, buying clothes Walking in circles every day You call and all of that is lifted away And when did you know where you were going What kind of person you would turn out to be Some people seem to know as if they can see Way beyond the finish line well it’s a mystery to me You ask for nothing, nothing at all No rhyme or reason for you to call Still walking in circles then I pray You'll call and all of this will be lifted away But I don't like religion too many rules Blind faith believing is this for fools Let's keep it simple don't try too hard It's just a game to play where no holes are bard And when did you know-------- Well ain't life funny the way it goes And where it takes us no one knows Life is for living hear them say You call and all of this is lifted away And when did you know--------


I have recorded this in my home studio during lockdown. The perfect excuse for me to learn more about recording techniques and mastering. I am very pleased with the results, I have enjoyed the experience and have had a really good response to the album from those that have purchased the CD. Its a mix of traditional and self penned songs and instrumentals covering bluegrass, Irish, Scots and English styles.


released September 28, 2020




Garry Blakeley Hastings, UK

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